Volunteering opportunities

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Do you want to make a difference?   Have you a few hours a week to spare?

International Aid Trust is a Christian Charity, based at Longton, near Preston. The charity’s objects are twofold:-

  1. The relief of persons who are in conditions of real need, hardship or distress and those who are disabled through age or sickness and in particular by the supply of financial, material and medical aid and by provision of personnel to provide hands on practical and pastoral assistance.
  2. The advancement of the Christian faith.

Our Motto, “Christian Compassion for a Hurting World”, covers every aspect of IAT ministry.

From small beginnings IAT has developed its sphere of influence to include not only the UK but in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

We are currently looking for a volunteer to coordinate and to develop our team of over 300 volunteers.   A committed team player is sought, able to offer strategic skills, computer competence, relish a challenge and control their own schedule.   You will have experience in supervision and of working in a team while possessing the character and integrity to assist the charity to develop its full potential.

We anticipate that your commitment will be in the region of 4-6 hours per week.

If you would like further information, please contact

Alison Hammerton our Office Manager – office@internationalaidtrust.org.uk

01772 611000


International Aid Trust

Volunteers provide a unique and diverse range of personal and professional experience and skills that enriches our service which remain vital to the continued ministry in both the United Kingdom and those countries abroad where we operate.  Their contribution to the success and culture of International Aid Trust is vital.  Over 300 individuals have been trained and inducted as Volunteers and are active in a variety of roles.

Want to find out more?

Give us a call on 01772 611000 or contact us at:
office@ internationalaid trust.org.uk