Food Aid Appeal

This little sick girl “Yenor Sesay” is from a very, very poor family and was discovered by our Director Rev Michael and his wife Alice during a recent home visit.  Yenor was taken to the local community hospital but was unable to get the care and medical attention that she desperately needed and it was obvious that her condition was becoming worse.

Yenor Sesay

Yenor Sesay


Pastor Michael took Yenor and her mother to the main city hospital where the Dr confirmed she was very sick indeed with Typhoid and malaria, some investigations were made and she was immediately admitted for a week where she received appropriate medical treatment and was also being supported with food too.

Yenor left hospital on Monday 19th March but is extremely malnourished and the Dr has advised that she needs good nutrition in order to recover fully.

This is the story of one child – there are many more children in similar situations.  Can you help us to help them by providing any small or large quantities of dried foods ie pasta, rice, lentils, dried milk, pulses, cooking oil etc.  At the moment we have FREE scheduled transport.

It is so easy for us watching our TV screens and seeing starving children, and we say “how dreadful” and then we go on to watch something else and the scenes of those dear children are put to the back of our minds, though not intentionally.  Please on this occasion hold these children like Yenor in your hearts and respond as generously as you are able.

Your can donate your food parcels to,

Longton Business Park,
Station Rd,
Little Hoole,
01772 611 000


UPDATE – thanks to your generosity here are some photos of the food we were able to send to Sierre Leone,