Prison Ministry

Our prison ministry really took off in 2001 after some wonderful results in a young offenders institution. Most of these young people could neither read nor write and so the first need was for volunteer teachers to visit and provide lessons. The results have brought so many blessings and now we have teams of volunteers visiting several adult prisons almost every day, and they are made very welcome indeed. Several self help projects have been pioneered and now hundreds of ex offenders are self sufficient and also very well respected and valuable members of society.

The ministry is headed up by Pastor Ruslan who leads a team of forty plus dedicated men and women with real compassion for those incarcerated. Yes of course we know that crimes must be punished but we serve a God of second chances and we have been granted so much favour and we pray that this work will expand as more prisoners are given a second chance and despair is replaced with real hope for the future. Many ex offenders are being released early and one of the first things they want to do is to go back into the prisons and tell others about the gospel of love, compassion and forgiveness that Christ brings.

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