Can you help fly aid in to Cuba?

Appeal on behalf of Alex

I would like to introduce you to our good friends Alex and Marta Gorelik.  Alex is the guy with the passion for Cuba who first introduced us to Pastor Marcello over four years ago and helped us to deliver our first container to the free churches there. (It was the first container ever sent to the Cuban churches by any organisation)  I recently spent a few days with him in and around Havana with some of poorest and needy.

Brought up in Saint Petersburg Alex is a very experienced pilot who won his wings flying in Siberia – but that’s another story.

He is also a Messianic Jew who has spent the last ten years supporting the churches in Cuba – and he would dearly love to do more.

His wife Marta is a Doctor practising in California and totally supports her husband.

Please pray and pass this on to anyone who may be able to help or who have the right contacts.


CEO & Founder


Dear Friends:

We thank God that the doors have been opening in Cuba.  We see many people in need in Cuba; children with no shoes, elderly with no food, sick people with no medicine.  Almost every year, hurricanes and floods hit the island, devastating homes and leaving people with no shelter, and no building materials available to fix them.  Our hearts feel the burden for these people, and we have spent the last decade serving them through local churches.

We have the opportunity to transport supplies of the bare necessities-clothing, food, medicines, and building supplies to distribute through churches in Cuba to those who most desperately need them.

We are ready to go the next step in serving people in need in Cuba.  We pray to have a twin engine airplane (load 2,000 pounds) or a boat (4,000 pounds capacity)  that will carry much needed  supplies the 90 miles from Florida to Cuba.   Such a transport allows us to respond quickly and efficiently when disasters like hurricanes strike.

We are believing God for this transport, which it will make possible rapid response in the face of great needs among the Cuban people.

Please consider how you can equip Voice of the Children with the fastest way to alleviate urgent needs.

We have raised $35,000 towards a required $160,000 for purchaseWe could get started on much less with the donation or loan of a boat or airplane.

Alex with little orphan boy

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