62nd Southport Beavers go International!

‘I recently went to visit the 62nd Southport Beavers who are doing an International challenge  badge to talk to them about what life’s like for children their age in Sierra Leone.  The Beavers told me about their favourite foods, their homes, their school and what they did for fun, we looked at photos of children at New Hope School, Lungi, Sierra Leone and saw how life is different for children from very poor families in West Africa. But we did find some similarities, shared love of games and especially football!

The Beavers then drew some pictures for the Children in Sierra Leone, which our CEO Bernard Cocker took with him on his recent visit, here you can see the children at New Hope School with the drawings. The Beavers have also very kindly collected school supplies to help their new friends in Sierra Leone to do well at school!’

written by Julie one of Trustees (thanks Julie)

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