After a fire two days ago in Cluj Napoca, Romania this is all that is left of the community. 

We are planning to send a container of aid to help those who have been affected.  Everything they had has been destroyed; there is no insurance or government support here.  Amongst those affected are 12 families with about 37 members and 30 children – who have been left with nothing at all.  

Our Partners  Prison Fellowship Romania are doing all they can help to help in this situation.  Please pray for all affected.

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The journey by sea took a little longer than originally anticipated, this was due to severe congestion and vessel capacity limitations in Port Tangier.  As a result, the container was transferred onto another vessel.

We will share more information as we receive it.

Thank you to everyone who  supported this appeal  which we launched in August following the mudslides.

If you didn’t see the appeal follow this link

This is the container being unloaded in Lunghi.

This is our first almost completed Childrens house which will be used as a temporary storage.

The next container we plan to send as soon as have enough funds will be stored at our New Hope Village.

For Zions Sake Ministries in Jerusalem partnered us with this shipment.

Much of the medical aid and water treatment equipment will be given out to the mudslide survivors in Freetown.


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Have you ever wondered how International Aid Trust came to be?

Watch this video on our YouTube channel to find out This is the new link for the “HOW IT ALL BEGAN”


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Lancaster shop now open

We are happy to announce that we  opened the doors to our new Lancaster shop on Monday 2nd October.

Come visit us at 12 New Street, Lancaster, LA1 1EG and meet Paul our manager.

Saturday sales assistant vacancy – please call in the shop and speak with Paul for further information.

We are in need of volunteers to help run this shop Monday – Saturday.  So if you can spare some time each week call in and have a chat or ring direct on 01524 60613

Paul the manager (left) with Mike our Retail Manager outside the new Lancaster shop

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Volunteering opportunities


Volunteer Co-ordinator

Do you want to make a difference?   Have you a few hours a week to spare?

International Aid Trust is a Christian Charity, based at Longton, near Preston. The charity’s objects are twofold:-

  1. The relief of persons who are in conditions of real need, hardship or distress and those who are disabled through age or sickness and in particular by the supply of financial, material and medical aid and by provision of personnel to provide hands on practical and pastoral assistance.
  2. The advancement of the Christian faith.

Our Motto, “Christian Compassion for a Hurting World”, covers every aspect of IAT ministry.

From small beginnings IAT has developed its sphere of influence to include not only the UK but in over 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

We are currently looking for a volunteer to coordinate and to develop our team of over 300 volunteers.   A committed team player is sought, able to offer strategic skills, computer competence, relish a challenge and control their own schedule.   You will have experience in supervision and of working in a team while possessing the character and integrity to assist the charity to develop its full potential.

We anticipate that your commitment will be in the region of 4-6 hours per week.

If you would like further information, please contact

Alison Hammerton our Office Manager –

01772 611000


International Aid Trust

Volunteers provide a unique and diverse range of personal and professional experience and skills that enriches our service which remain vital to the continued ministry in both the United Kingdom and those countries abroad where we operate.  Their contribution to the success and culture of International Aid Trust is vital.  Over 300 individuals have been trained and inducted as Volunteers and are active in a variety of roles.

Want to find out more?

Give us a call on 01772 611000 or contact us at:


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Volunteering opportunities available

Exciting opportunities available! Could you be what we need? Find out more – #volunteer #teamwork #givesomethingback



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Official Facebook Page

That’s right, International Aid Trust now has updated it’s official page on the world’s biggest social networking website, in an effort to spread awareness of the hard-work being done we’re reaching out to spread the word, please take a moment to visit our page and help us to spread the word.


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November/December 2016 update

Please click the link below to read our latest update.

November/December 2016 update

Thank you to all who have supported our match fund appeal.  For those who haven’t seen it yet we have added to the update.

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Pastor Colin Paterson in Sierra Leone

Here is the latest from Pastor Colin Paterson who is in Sierra Leone

To support Colin financially  please follow this link which will take you directly to the BT Donate giving page or this link which will take you to the “donate” page on our website.

January 2016

Rev Colin visiting local villages. A new midwife sponsored from a Lancashire church is now helping to to educate and help young mothers

Rev Colin visiting local villages. A new midwife sponsored from a Lancashire church is now helping to to educate and help young mothers.

distributing giftboxes sent with love from the UK

Rev Colin distributing gift boxes sent with love from the UK

This little girl was taken to Rev Colin's clinic a week after receiving serious scalds to her legs. She is now healing well with little scar tissue

This little girl was taken to Rev Colin’s clinic a week after receiving serious scalds to her legs. She is now healing well with little scar tissue


This young man was in bed paralysed for nine months, after some prayer and Bowen Therapy, three weeks later arrived at church, having walked over half mile with the tripod walker we gave him. His entire family came with him and accepted Jesus Healed him.

click this link to see the short video  This young man was in bed paralysed for nine months

The pictures below show some of the staff and children


Headmistress Alice surrounded by the children

Headmistress Alice surrounded by the children




















Pastor Michael, surrounded by some of the childrenPastor Michael, surrounded by some of the children














4 6

some of the girls taking "time out"


1st September 2015

Well first day back at school and we handed out the International Aid Trust gift boxes, the children were ecstatic. One young 14 year old who recently had to leave school because she was about to have her baby, ‘pictured with baby’ we gave her a box, she was so sad she was no longer at school. Unfortunately it is common that children are taken advantage of.

It was heart rendering to see them enjoy such simple gifts.


IMG_1445 IMG_1475 IMG_1482

Well I thought it would be great to download some more pics of the shoe box blessing.

Again thank you for your kind donations and to ‘International Aid Trust’ for the great support and containers, remember we have 564 children many lost parents to Ebola, we have malaria, typhoid and yellow fever to contend with as well, however we are grateful for your contributions and love.

IMG_1448 IMG_1445 IMG_1469 IMG_1508 IMG_1532

22nd August 2015

Mobendu village children from one of International Aid Trust village schools outreach, dinner is a very exciting time for them, they all eat together when all have their plate. Their eyes firmly fixed on the food pots, I made the error of putting my plate down to help a colleague, a little three year old was licking my very empty plate on my return, a  practical lesson had!
A wonderful privilege to serve them,


1 2 3 7  a short video of the children

13th August 2015

The children are very eager to say hello, the ladies carry astonishing loads around on their heads, even little children fetch two gallons of water from the well daily, it is seen as normal?

IMG_1300 IMG_1304 IMG_1314 IMG_1322 IMG_1326 IMG_1330 IMG_1335 IMG_1347 IMG_1353

6th August 2015

“Well we were blessed today to the delight of the children, Pastor Michael and myself saw a man on a motorbike with this lovely fish across his seat. We managed to buy it through negotiation, this fish will feed a multitude as a stew, Pastor Michaels wife Alice is a wee bit of an expert in the culinary arts. I am looking forward to it myself! The Lord has blessed us mightily. Keep us in your prayers.”


Fish stew for tea

Fish stew for tea

We will be posting updates periodically.  To support Colin financially follow this link

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Bartle Hall are raising much needed funds by “Jumping for Joy”

Well done to all who “jumped for joy” yesterday (20/09/15) photos and report to follow!  

A big thank you to everyone who took part!

Jump for joy poster_edited-Sept


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Disaster Aid – how you can help


Typhoon Haiyan hit the coastal provinces of Leyte and Samar in the Philippines on Friday.  It was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded on land and according to the UN it has left more than 11 million people in need of vital goods and services.

There is of course an urgent need to get aid out now, to help with the immediate aftermath of the storm and we are working hard with other organisations to coordinate our efforts.  But the need doesn’t stop there, the devastation is such that support will be needed for a long time ahead and our commitment is ongoing, both for the Philippines and other places in the world where disaster strikes, or there is desperate need.

So, what do we need?

  • Clothing in good condition (if you wouldn’t give it to your children please don’t send it).  As the need will be long term this can be summer or winter clothing
  • Bedding
  • Tents
  • Dried food, such as rice, pasta, flour or vegetable oil
  • Footwear
  • Donations to cover transport costs

Can you spare some time to help sort and pack the aid at our Longton warehouse?

A day, a half day or even a couple of hours would be a great help

 please contact the office or ring  01772 611 000 for further information

Where to?

Cash donations can be made at our head office or any of our shops, but please make sure they are marked as being for the Philippines relief programme.  Cheques can be sent to our head office at Longton Business Park payable to “International Aid Trust”, or you can make a direct payment into our bank:

Royal Bank of Scotland

Sort code: 16-28-16

Account No.: 10075885

Account name: International Aid Trust

If you are a UK taxpayer please consider completing a gift aid form (available from our shops or office) as this enables us to reclaim 25p in the pound from the government at no cost to you.

100% of all monetary donations received will go those in need, not one penny will be used  for administration costs!

Donations of goods can be taken to:

The main International Aid Trust warehouse at

Longton Business Park, Station Road, Much Hoole PR4 5LE it is open

Monday – Friday 8.30 am to 4.30 pm


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Offical Facebook Page

That’s right, International Aid Trust now has an official page on the world’s biggest social networking website, in an effort to spread awareness of the hard-work being done we’re reaching out to spread the word, please take a moment to visit our page and help us to spread the word.

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Update Appeal – Sierra Leone August 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Just a few words to thank you for the kind and generous response to our appeal for the Sierra Leone disaster.  We received enough high quality aid to easily fill two forty foot shipping containers, pay for the first one, that was loaded and sent yesterday, and we are now on the way towards funding the second load.

The first load included enough water treatment equipment for many people, six tons of rice, cooking oil, flour, pain killers, first aid kits, tones of vitamins,  medical supplies, clothing plus many other much needed aid.

Pastor Michael sends his blessings, appreciation and heartfelt love on behalf of all those that he and his team will be able to help with your gifts. This aid will be distributed to so many hurt and – desperate for help people regardless of creed or political persuasion.

Proverbs 19:17 Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

We will be providing photos, video and feedback.

Every best wish and blessing


Rev Bernard Cocker
CEO and Founder

sacks of pain killers

cooking oil

dried food


Baby Belling cookers

Shipping Container


And last but by no means least a cuddly toy!

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Sierra Leone Disaster Appeal


Message from our CEO

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Once again poor Sierra Leone has been hit with a major disaster. Hundreds of people have died in the floods and hundreds more are still missing in this already extremely poor poverty stricken nation.  Some family members of our New Hope Mission and School are amongst them and Pastor Michael and Alice are coping with a very difficult situation.  This poor nation was just beginning to recover from the civil war, then the Ebola crisis struck and now this. The morgues are overflowing with bodies stacked outside in the streets.

Why Sierra Leone again? Why us? Haven’t we suffered enough? are some of the questions being asked.

At times like this I remember Paul’s words in Romans 8:18, “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us”.

But it is natural to mourn.  Families have been ripped apart, food chains disrupted, fear and uncertainty. Before this they didn’t even have the simple everyday things that you and I take for granted, but now it’s complete devastation, despair and confusion and the little that they did have has now been taken away.

Thank you for your prayers, but we also need your help in shipping the aid. We have enough food, clothing and medical supplies to fill two forty foot containers which will cost us £5,000 per container to ship.

Hebrews 6:10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Blessings and peace

Rev Bernard Cocker
CEO and Founder


Some words from Pastor Michael our Director in Sierra Leone

Greetings and Love from sad and mourning Sierra Leone!!

We are very thankful and full of gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for the wonderful love and prayers we are receiving from our IAT Family.

Sierra Leone has been going through very very difficult periods in her short history, the 11 years brutal war, the just ended Ebola epidemic, the natural disasters and couple with immune poverty and poor governance. The pictures on the TV and media may speak of the situation, but when you at scene and see the the magnitude of the devastation with your naked eyes, you will not believe your eyes!!!

Thousands of people are now homeless and having lost everything.  No food, no clean water, no clothes………. The suffering is endless!!

When you visit the central morgue in Freetown and see how bodies are piled, heaped on top of each other.  The sight and smell of decaying bodies have over stretched morgue is indescribable.  The communities around the central morgue can no longer bear the unhygienic situation and are moving to other locations

Yesterday August 16th, because of health reasons, the Government of Sierra Leone, has given orders for mass burials to start so they can make room for more bodies.

IAT Sierra Leone express our sincere thanks and appreciation for your unfailing love to the Lord. The Lord Himself said in;

Matthew 25: 34-39

Once more for all your prayers and support we say thank you!!! Our hope in our Lord Jesus will never waver as Hebrew 13:5 assures us of His blessings “…… I will never leave you nor forsake you….”

Yours in His Joyful Service

Pastor Michael Fofanah

Country Director

IAT – Sierra Leone


searching for bodies

How to donate

There are a number of ways you can donate to the International Aid Trust. 100% of all monetary donations received will go those in need, not one penny will be used for administration costs! If you are a UK taxpayer please consider completing a gift aid form (available from our shops and office) as this enables us to reclaim 25p per pound from the government at no cost to you.

Cash Donations

Cash donations can be sent to our head office please indicate that this is for the Sierra Leone appeal.


Cheques can be sent to our head office at the below address, and should be payable to “International Aid Trust” again stating for the Sierra Leone appeal.

International Aid Trust
Longton Business Park
Station Road
Much Hoole

Online Payment

Please follow this link which will take you to the appropriate page on our website and then follow the choice of payment method.



mud slide and homes

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