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Easter Celebrations in Sierra Leone Posted Apr 19, 2017 By administrator

Here are a few pictures sent by Pastor Michael showing some of the Easter celebrations in Sierra Leone

Easter day baptisms in India Posted Apr 19, 2017 By administrator

The photos below show Bishop Kota baptising former hindus on Easter Sunday.

Can you help fly aid in to Cuba? Posted Apr 19, 2017 By administrator

Appeal on behalf of Alex I would like to introduce you to our good friends Alex and Marta Gorelik.  Alex is the guy with the

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Easter Message 2017 Posted Apr 13, 2017 By administrator

Dear Friends, As we celebrate the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus this weekend my prayer is that each one of you has peace, joy and

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62nd Southport Beavers go International! Posted Feb 14, 2017 By administrator

‘I recently went to visit the 62nd Southport Beavers who are doing an International challenge  badge to talk to them about what life’s like for children

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